A Pretty Good Morning Gloryville…

This week I photographed something pretty awesome – a morning rave.

I woke up at an unsightly hour to make my way over to Oval Space in Bethnal Green where I arrived to a queue of glitter clad unicorns, furry eared cats and wild haired lions…no I wasn’t dreaming.

This my friends is a normal monthly occurrence for the dudes at Morning Gloryville, who host immersive morning dance experiences all over the world from London to Sydney, Berlin to New York for those who dare to challenge the typical morning culture.

Alcohol and drug free, the Morning Gloryville events are about conscious clubbing and ‘raving your way into the day’. DJ’d by Basement Jaxx, they also held yoga and massage sessions to get you prepped for the day ahead, as well as a nice spread of breakfast smoothies and porridge from Oatly - a dairy free milk, to refuel.

A pretty insane experience where people arrived in sequins and left in suits – I urge you to go try it out if you can face that early wake up call that is! And if my words and pictures don’t sell it enough, check out the new video from Basement Jaxx filmed at the event for their new single ‘Rock This Road’