The Girl Behind The Camera

Photography came into my life at a time I needed it most and it fit like a glove. Since getting my hands on my camera, I have not let go of the bugger and have found it to be a trusty adventure buddy capturing snapshot memories of the things I see, the places I go and the characters I meet along the way.

Whether it is the snap of your mum dancing on a table at your nephews christening (it happened!), the 70′s pic of your dad rocking a super fly suit, or the images of Christmases gone by where all the family are finally in one place – for me, a picture is the best way to capture a memory and tell a story without uttering a word.

I love peanut butter sandwiches – smooth not crunchy. Stevie’s Innervisions album never strays too far from my record player. I love walking in the rain – there is something about the smell. I am the first on the dance floor and the last to leave it. Beards and tattoos are the don. I am (sadly) not a natural red head.

I love my eggs easy over, my steaks (super) rare and will always save my Yorkshire pudding till last.

Image by Martijn Roos Photography