The Basics of Photography Websites

Are you a photographer who is passionate about your trade and want to get more visibility? The number of people who are using the internet has been increasing over the years, and this means that every serious photographer must have a website if they want to be discovered by the outside world. Some of the basic things that should be on a photography website are as follows.


If you are a photographer, the main reason why you are setting up a photography website is to showcase your work. Your website should have a sample of some of your best works. You should make sure that the website design you have chosen is easy to navigate, and that it supports photography. It would be best if you also made sure that the photos have been compressed for web and mobile for easy navigation.

Contact Details

Once people see your work and they like it, they will most probably want to reach out to get your services. This means that you should have your contact details on the website for people who want to communicate with you. You should have both email and phone numbers for those who want to make bookings with you.

Rates Card

Give people a general outlook of how much you charge for your photography services. You do not have to give exact figures, but let them know the ranges so that they can decide from your website whether they will contract you. It would help if you let them know that they are getting value for their money.

Preference/Types of Assignments

The users on your website should be able to know the kind of assignments you prefer to take. This can be based on the gallery on your website, or a small write up on the “About” section where you introduce the website and tell people what your work entails.