What Photographers Must Discuss With Clients Before Taking Assignments/Bookings

If you are a photographer, getting an assignment that promises to pay you for your skills can be exciting. You should, however, do due diligence to make sure that you and the client who is hiring you have reached a proper agreement before you proceed with the assignment. Some of the things photographers must discuss with the clients before taking up any assignments are:


You should never make the mistake of agreeing to do work for a client before you discuss the amount of money they intend to pay. You should have your quotation ready and break down all the charges so that they know your costing. You should also discuss the basics of payment such as whether you expect downpayment, after how long should you be paid, and your preferred payment methods. This should be done and put down in a contract to avoid future confrontations.


This is one area where clients and photographers fall out. You should, therefore, discuss the urgency of the project and know when they expect the photos to be delivered. There are clients who will insist on a seven-day delivery period. You should therefore only take urgent assignments if you are sure you do not have a backlog of work waiting for you.


Always ask the client to share with you their expectations. They should let you know what exactly they want, and how they want you to execute it. They should also give you a clear indication of how they want the photos to be edited since there are those who will insist that they want their photos in raw form while others will want you to give them a heavy touchup. They should also tell you the location where the assignment will be so that you can visualise the lighting that you will use and whether you need more equipment.