Tips on Setting Up Online Photo Gallery

When you are creating an online photo gallery, you should think of it as your portfolio. Look at it as the first place someone will land when they want to check your work. An online gallery; to a great extent, is like a resume for a professional photographer. Some of the things you should bear in mind when setting up an online photo gallery are:

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Most people access the internet through the use of their smartphones and other mobile devices. You should bear that in mind when creating your gallery. Make sure that your images are compressed and mobile-friendly so that online users can click on the photos and have them load within a few seconds. Nobody wants to wait for a long time as a photo is loading.

Choose the Best

The person who is checking your gallery should only meet your best works. You should therefore aim at uploading only the best photos so that they can see your best works. You should always take as many photos as possible and only upload the ones that you feel are showing your strength.

Watermark For Copyright

There are people who crawl the internet looking for good quality pictures

that they can take for free. Do not allow them to do this with photos in your gallery. Watermark your photos in a way that the watermark can not be easily removed. You can also have the photos for sale by telling people to contact you if they want to buy your photos.

Have Contacts

If your online gallery has good photos, there are high chances that people will want to reach out to you to engage you. You should leave your contacts on the website so that you can get clients and recommendations to do more work. You can also link your social media handles.